Global Bespoke
Threat Reduction Solutions
Delivering highly experienced solution of
complex challenges
Innovative &
Creative Mitigation
Providing sustainable solutions worldwide
SMART Thinking
SMART Delivery
Harnessing the power with and the power of
multi-agency collaboration
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TRAMSSMART are a consultancy with global reach who deliver bespoke solutions to identify, manage and mitigate vulnerabilities across international organisations and communities, ensuring progression towards sustainability

We work with international organisations, governments, NGO'S and businesses to develop with them strategies, operational processes and procedures to mitigate the significant challenges of threat and risk.

With over 70 years of experience in combating threats from terrorism, organised crime and the associated impact across all sectors, TRAMSSMART promote an inclusive whole of society approach, empowering and enabling sustainable change.


Global, National,
Regional and Local


Identification of risk
through SMART thinking


Innovative and
creative mitigation


Co-created, Co-
delivery, Local Context

Our Global Presence

TRAMSSMART have developed a presence across each continent of the globe, leaving a positive legacy and a reputation for excellence. Whether it has been delivery of enhanced capability and capacity surrounding the investigation of terrorism in the Middle East; procedures and processes to support the integrity and professionalism of intelligence management across the Horn of Africa; or building resilience to mitigate the risks from human vulnerability and associated behaviours in areas of fragility worldwide; TRAMSSMART have a proven record of excelling and improving understanding and performance. With a network of associates and contacts to support our work TRAMSSMART aim to continue building trust, respect and professionalism in all our contributions, which is the foundation of our vision.

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